A superb video, it is.

IMG Farewell – A video dedicated to passing out batch [Watch on Youtube]

I, along with 9 other mates, got a really really memorable farewell from juniors. Above is just a part of the grand farewell we were presented with. The beautiful invitation letter, special dress codes, welcoming with flowers sprayed upon us, farewell speech, the geeked-ramayan skit, the scrapbook and gifts, … … it was so much fun. And then softened to the core, we were with this amazing video, recollecting few of the uncountable moments spent and enjoyed being in IMG.

No matter how many times I might have seen this video in future, every time I will think of IMG and watch it again, something would always melt inside me, the way it does now; One of the few things capable of leaving me in a state of emotional fragility.